Dear Flow Members,

In 2002 our beautiful Study Association for all students Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University was founded. This means that Study Association Flow celebrates its 15th birthday this year! Of course, this has to be celebrated hugely, and for that, the Lustrum Committee has been brought to life for the third time. On December 19, 2017 we celebrated our Dies Natalis, but our third Lustrum will also be celebrated widely from April 11 to 25, 2018. Within those 15 days, 10 activities will take place. The activities are:

Mystery Activity – April 11
Opening Drink – April 11
Europa-Park – April 13 to 15
National Day of Communication – April 18
Cantus XL – April 18
Game Day – April 20
Alumni Drink (for alumni only) – April 20
Stand-up comedy – April 23
Dinner – April 25
Lustrum Gala – April 25

Below, you can buy your tickets for a number of activities. The Opening Drink and Alumni Drink (for alumni only) are free of charge. The weekend trip to Europa-Park is only accessible with a Crystal Ticket. You can buy your tickets for separate activities here. Note: Non-members are charged €2,50 more for each activity.

Mystery Activity – April 11 – €10,00

This activity will take place on Wednesday, April 11 from 13:00 to 16:00. Since this is a secret activity, you won’t know what the activity is until the very moment we start. We promise it’s worth the money. The location will be send to all participants before the start of the activity. Please note: only a very limited amount of tickets will be available for this activity. You can subscribe for the Mystery Activity until it starts.

Registrations have closed.

National Day of Communication – April 18

You can get your tickets for the National Day of Communication here.

Cantus XL – April 18 – €22,50

The Cantus XL will take place from 20:00 to 23:00 and includes unlimited beer during the cantus. The location of the Cantus XL will remain secret and will be announced to all participants before the start of the event. All Flow members and non-members are invited to enjoy the cantus. You can subscribe for the Cantus XL until the start of the event.

Registrations are closed.

Game Day – April 20 – €2,50

The Game Day will take place from 13:30 to 16:30 at the Tilburg University Sports Center. Afterwards, at 16:30, there will be a drink at the Sports Café. You can subscribe for the Game Day until the start of the event.

Registrations are closed.

Stand-up comedy – April 23 – €4,00

The Stand-up comedyshow starts at 19:30 and is planned to end around 23:00. During this evening, which will be in held in Dutch, 5 professional stand-up comedians will entertain us. The evening takes place in Paradox. You can subscribe for the Stand-up comedyshow until April 23, 19:00.

Registrations are closed.

Dinner – April 25 – €27,50

The Dinner takes place from 20:00 to 22:00 and includes three courses and two drinks. The Dinner takes place at the Willem II-stadium.

Registrations have closed.

Lustrum Gala – April 25 – €30,00

The Lustrum Gala will take place from 22:00 to 04:00 and includes unlimited beer, wine and soda. The Gala takes place right after the Dinner at the Willem II-stadium. You can subscribe for the Lustrum Gala until April 25, 21:00.

Registrations are closed.

Crystal Ticket
If you would like to join Flow on a trip to Europa-Park and would like to save money on your tickets, you can also choose to buy a Crystal Ticket. This ticket gives access to all Lustrum activities, shown in the announcement video below. Besides these activities, you will also receive the first official Almanac of Flow. The Crystal Tickets cost €199,15 each. Crystal Tickets are available up to March 25, 2018. You can buy your Crystal Ticket here:


Registrations have closed.



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