Student assessors for the Faculty Board and Faculty Education Consultation (2 x 0.2 FTE)
At the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

– Participating in the Faculty Board or Faculty Education Consultation as an advisor on behalf of the faculty’s student section;
– Maintaining contacts between the faculty and the students. Acting as a point of contact for students, lecturers, fellow student advisor, the student members of the Faculty Council and Programme Committees, the staff of the Education Support Team (in particular the head of department, the education coordinators and the education policy staff);
– Assisting with the implementation of the faculty’s information policy and at information days for students;
– Maintaining contact with the study associations Flow, Sapientia Ludenda, Animo, Extra Muros and Pattern, and with the association of TSHD graduates Dante;
– Maintaining contact with students in similar positions at other faculties and the student groups of the University Council;
– Participate in the University Forum, together with all student advisors at Tilburg University;
– Recruiting ‘student-directors’: searching for candidates for the various committees of the faculty.
– Drawing up a monthly newsletter on behalf of the student assessors.

In order to be able to carry out these tasks properly, the two student advisors consult each other on a weekly basis and coordinate their work with each other.

Specifically for the student advisor for the Faculty Board:
– Assisting where necessary in the elections for the student members of the Faculty Council and, if necessary, the University Council.
– Participating in the national consultation of student-assessors within the humanities (SLG).
– Weekly meeting with the Faculty Board.

Specifically for the student advisor for the Faculty Education Consultation:
– Maintain close contact with the TSHD study programme committees, in consultation with the Education Support Team.
– Meet every six weeks with the Faculty Education Consultation (FOW).
– Monthly working meetings with the head of department of the Education Support Team.

– You study at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences.

– You are available until 1 September 2020
– Good interpersonal skills
– Good Dutch and English language skills

Student advisorships for the Faculty Board and for the Faculty Education Consultation cannot be combined with membership of the Programme Committee or the Faculty Council.

Terms of employment:
This concerns (for both positions) a temporary employment contract for 0.2 FTE with effect from 1 September 2019.
You will receive a salary based on the UFO profile student assistant. The amount of the salary depends on the number of ECTS obtained. In addition, we offer you excellent fringe benefits, such as an end-of-year bonus and an employment conditions selection model. You will be appointed to the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences.

Information and application:
More information about these vacancies can be obtained from the current student advisors Laura Nelissen and Anneloes Meijer. You can send them your motivation letter and CV: Student & Student

Your cover letter and CV must be received by us by 23:59 on the 6th of June 2019 at the latest. If you are interested in both positions, possibly with a preference for one of them, please state this explicitly in your cover letter.