Studying abroad?!

Have you ever thought of spending a semester at a university abroad, improving your language skills, broadening your view and exploring another culture? Then you should go on exchange! Check out our website to find information about application requirements, destinations and much more! Of course you are very welcome to visit one of our information sessions.

Do you still have questions about studying abroad after checking our website? Please give us a call (+31 (0) 13 466 4477) or send us an email ( We are happy to help!

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Sara van der Boon in Orange (California)

I had wanted to go to America for all my life, so when I found out that I was able to move abroad for half a year, I immediately decided that that was where I wanted to go. It seemed like a unique opportunity, because I probably wouldn’t have taken the step to go there on a holiday that easily. Apart from that, I wanted to develop myself in a broader sense…

Iris van Bergeijk in Roskilde (Denmark)

I found it very interesting to see how research is conducted at another university and to see how people with different cultural backgrounds think about all kinds of subjects. I also improved my English speaking skills, because of the fact that I was the only Dutch speaking exchange student, and I broadened my knowledge by choosing more practical courses and by following a Danish…

Ivy Hoevenaars in Nanyang (Singapore)

Don’t be scared to go on exchange! They will probably be the best five/six months of your life. Also, don’t hesitate to choose a destination far away from home, because those are the places that can teach you the most valuable life lessons. Also, make sure you will give yourself time to go travelling before or after the semester (e.g. backpacking!)…

Milou Verhagen in Waterloo (Canada)

It is a unique experience that enables you to visit placed you will never be able to visit again after your life as a student. You also learn so much about yourself and about other cultures. When you look at it from many aspects, it is a very positive experience. From my perspective, the biggest obstacle might be the financial situation. But you can always find a solution for that…

Saskia Waterschoot, Melbourne (Australia)

Before my exchange, I lived on my own, but living in a complete different country and starting all over again is still kind of scary. However, I feel like it made me a lot more independent and less afraid of new situations. I also noticed that employers of jobs or internships find it very interesting when someone has been on exchange. They see it as an addition to your CV…


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