As an ambitious student you’re going all the way for your study. You’re following lectures, you’re making exams… and then suddenly your diploma is in the pocket! But what happens after that? What can you really become as a graduated student? In what companies can you get started? Which tasks will you be going to perform? And how is all the theory you have learned all over again applied in practice?

These are very important questions, but the answers are difficult. Fortunately, the Formal Activities Committee (FAC) does exist. This committee organizes several company visits every year in which all tracks of the study are passing by. In that way, you can see in what kind of places you can work later. Furthermore, the FAC also organizes workshops in which you can prepare yourself and learn some important skills for your upcoming career. Companies that Flow has visited include the Dutch Ministry of Defence, TheatersTilburg and AD. If you have any questions, ideas, comments or tips for the FAC, please send an email to

Since 2018-2019, the FAC will assist the External Affairs with the acquisition. The FAC tries to establish partnerships with new organizations and supports the other committees in finding sponsors for their events or, for example, for advertisements in the Flowzine. As a member of the FAC, you are busy with finding new companies and contacting those. Good communicative skills are necessary, since you will want to convince potential partners to establish a collaboration with the study association. Companies can place advertisements in the Flowzine, become a sponsor for the yearly symposium or other events, join networking events where students and companies meet, offer workshops etc. Those partnerships are positive for the companies, for the students, and for Flow! For questions or suggestions please e-mail to

F.l.t.r.: Andreas Knoben, Marlou van Erp, Sandra Strakova, Lara Oral (Commissioner), Fleur Ensink Op Kemma, Anne Ninteman (Board Buddy), Fee van den Brink