The InFlow Committee is responsible for the newsletters, blog, and magazine of Flow. On a monthly base, the newsletter of Flow, called the InFlow, is distributed by the InFlow Committee. The newsletter contains the highlights of Flow of the past month, interviews with commissioners, and other relevant topics for that month. Furthermore, the InFlow Committee is responsible for Flows blog. On the blog, interesting scientific publications, formal interviews, and articles in the fields related to the studies associated with Flow are shared.

The InFlow Committee also writes and designs the Flowzine, a (printed) magazine exclusively for Flow members. The Flowzine is published three times a year and contains interviews with people from the workfield relevant to our studies. Additionally, the Flowzine consists of articles about the latest trends in the CIS, CSAI, and DSS fields. Besides all the more formal interviews and articles, for example, tips on the student life in Tilburg can found in the magazine.

If you have any questions, ideas, comments or recommendations, please send an email to