1. How would you describe your committee in three words and why?

Driven, social and funny. Even though we are a formal committee that generally conducts serious and important tasks, we are always laughing a ton during our meetings and activities.

2. What are examples of Career-activities?

We are mainly responsible for the professional activities with our external partners, such as company visits and interactive workshops. In addition, we help with the organization of the TSHD Career Day and the soft skills workshops, now offered by the Daily Board, will be part of the Career Committee’s activities from next year onwards.

3. What is it like being commissioner of your committee?

Extremely diverse. Most of our tasks have to do with the acquisition of new partners and bartering great deals for the Flow Member Card. That, in combination with the activities to which we contribute and are present at, provides a complete mix of tasks and helps you to develop new skills. What I enjoy most about being the commissioner is seeing the growth the committee is experiencing and the associated successes, such as bringing in a new partner.

4. How is this Career Committee different from last year’s committee?

I think there are two main differences. First of all, we are all first year members of Flow, so we all bring a fresh perspective and had to really get to know each other in the beginning of the year. In addition, we also have the option of organizing offline activities. This way Flow members can get an even better picture of our partners and what they do.

5. What new things have you introduced this year?

As you may have already seen on the website, this year we have new partners and very nice promotions on the Flow Member Card, such as a 10% discount at Dwars Hotdogbar and de Ontbijtkeuken!

6. What are your goals, committee-wise?

Well… one of our goals at the beginning of the year was not to finish last in the Flowmission and it seems that we will succeed in that. In addition, the main goal is to enthuse as many Flow members and non-members as possible to get their career off to a good start by attending the TSHD Career Day and our other activities.

7. If time and resources were not an issue, what would you want to organize?

A huge networking day for Flow members with large and innovative corporate companies, but also entrepreneurs and smaller agencies. An event where workshops are given, speakers come to discuss topics such as diversity in the workplace and where you can really talk about the differences between all types of companies. It would kind of be a of combination of a symposium, Career Day and networking drink at a unique location.

Rianne van Zijp

Career Commissioner 2021-2022

Career Committee 2021-2022

F.l.t.r.f.t.t.b.: Izabela Lewinska, Jorrit van Iersel, Rianne van Zijp (commissioner), Mauritz van Lingen, Levi Colenbrander, Yuan de Adelhart Toorop & Lynn Willems (board buddy) (not pictured).