1. How would you describe your committee in three words and why?

I would describe my current committee as creative, fun, and motivated. Often when we are asked for an idea for a new activity or how we should approach certain things for the next activity, the team quickly comes up with a good idea. Also, the idea they come up with doesn’t need to be changed much. In the first few meetings I already noticed that the team I have can talk to each other nicely about different things, even though they don’t know each other very well. They are very exuberant, and many things come up. They have a good laugh together and like to help each other. What strikes me about this team is that they are very motivated to get started with the Introduction Committee and its activities. If asked for help from any angle, there are usually one or two people ready to help, which is very good for the team.

2. What are some examples of Intro activities?

We obviously have the introduction weekend at the beginning of the year, but throughout the year we have various formal and informal activities that we run. For example, we have a cocktail workshop, which comes up almost every year. Furthermore, the Introduction Committee organizes activities such as help lectures with difficult subjects but also physical activities, such as a game night. It is very broad what is organized by the Introduction Committee, but ultimately it comes down to getting to know and help first year students.

3. What is it like to be a commissioner of the Introduction Committee?

So far it is an interesting and fun challenge. It is very different from the experiences I have already had in the events industry and as a team leader. So, it takes some time getting used to this structure, as I have always helped out at big dance events that are slightly different in structure than the Introduction Committee.

4. What new things have you introduced this year?

I haven’t really introduced anything new to the committee yet because we just started, and I haven’t had the time to think about it. I am working on organizing several smaller activities, so that the team gets used to the way the Introduction Committee works. This way we can organize bigger activities in the second semester!

5. How is this Introduction Committee different from last year’s committee?

This Introduction Committee consists mainly of international students. Some with and some without Flow experiences. We also have a former board member which often suits us as well. Other things I find hard to come up with because last year I joined Flow halfway through the year and didn’t really get to know the committees very well.

6. What are your goals for your committee?

For the committee itself, I want to try to make a group that just works well together, but that (of course) also has a lot of fun. I also think that everyone should feel comfortable within the committee and if someone has problems, he or she can just come to see me or someone else within Flow to talk about it. Lastly, it is always helpful for members to learn something from their time in the committee.

7. If you didn’t have to look at time or money, what would you like to organize?

Personally, I would like to take over the idea from my previous school, where you have an introduction week that ends with a festival. Through that week you could do different activities more extensively, like the physical activities. In addition, you could go out more in Tilburg and do a big pub crawl, for example.

8. Can you tell us something about the introduction activity on October 26?

This activity is an introduction activity where the students will play different games to get to know each other better. Prior to this, we managed to organize a dinner where people can enjoy a snack and a drink.


Laurens Schepers
Introduction Commissioner 2021-2022

Introduction Committee 2021-2022
f.l.t.r.: Jennifer Steenkamp (board buddy), Wouter Snik, Kristian Parashkevov, Laurens Schepers (commissioner), Saher Rangwala & Akshita Manra.