The Informal Activities Committee (IFAC) is responsible for many social activities. To begin with, the IFAC organizes the monthly drinks of Flow at Klein Café Van Horen Zeggen. As committee, you choose a theme for every drink and decorate the bar according to the theme, in order to make the drink unforgettable. Furthermore, the IFAC is responsible for the two cantusses of Flow: the Sintercantus and the Springcantus.

Besides the party related activities, the committee also organizes the activities specially for the active members of Flow, which are the Active Members Evening and the Committee Battle. During the year they also organize some smaller activities, such as a beer tasting evening.

In general, the activities of the IFAC are low key activities, which offer members a great opportunity to get to know each other and have fun. If you have any questions, ideas or remarks, you can contact us via