The Informal Activities Committee (IFAC) is the committee which is responsible for the relaxation which is so desired by hardworking students. When you participate in activities of the IFAC, you do not need to think about lectures, exams or deadlines, but you can enjoy the monthly drinks, parties and other activities which are organised by Flow. Each month a drink is organised in Klein Café Van Horen Zeggen. Every drink has its own special theme, which is worked out by the IFAC carefully, so that every drink is one to never forget!

The informal activities are visited by lots of people and are a great opportunity to get to know other Flow’ers, often while enjoying a drink. This year we organise a Sintercantus, Summercantus and the annual Flow Closing Party. Besides that the IFAC organises one of the most discussed activity for active members: the Battle of the Committees. During this evening the committees battle against each other in funny games organised by the IFAC.

The IFAC is a guaranteed success for a good party! If you have any questions, ideas or remarks, you can contact us via

F.l.t.r.: Puck Outshoorn, Fenna Lambregts (Board Buddy), Sydney Linders (Commissioner), Jarno van Outvorst, Annabelle Geerdink, Manon van Hoof