The Promo Committee is responsible for creating awareness about Flow among others. In order to do so, the Promo Committee organizes both formal and informal activities with the goal to expand the visibility of Flow.

An informal activity the Promo Committee organizes is, for example, Pimp your Bike, which is organized twice a year. During the activity, the committee paints the bikes of Flow members in the association colors: blue and yellow. Furthermore, the committee organizes activities to celebrate public holidays. With Valentine’s Day, they distribute roses (anonymously) and during Easter, they organize the Flow’s Easter Egg Hunt.

Besides various informal activities, the Promo Committee is also responsible for formal activities, such as an annual auction for a good cause. The committee also hands out the flyers and informs new students about Flow. This year, the Promo Committee is also going to be busy with designing new merchandise for the association!

If you have any questions, ideas or remarks, do not hesitate to contact the committee by mailing to