In the first week of 2020 Flow will organize its first ski trip ever! For this, the destination and location are already fixed, but the rest of the program has yet to be completed. This is where the ski trip committee gets to work. During the first semester, the committee will work out all the details for the trip.  During the trip, the committee will be present to direct the trip and they will be the point of contact for the travelers.

In the second semester, the committee will start thinking about the trip in next year. This can be choosing a location and arranging transport. Because it is a new committee, there is plenty of room for creativity and new ideas! If you have any questions or additions, please send an e-mail to

F.l.t.r.: Louisa Lu, Dore de Smidt (Board Buddy), Nienke Lapien (Commissioner), Daan van den Bosch, Robbert Spaargaren, Lisa Wintjes