All information regarding the impact of the Coronavirus on Study Association Flow can be found on this page. Please contact one of the Daily Board members if you have any further questions.

Please note: the information on this page may change! Check this page regularly for the latest updates.


We are living in an uncertain and difficult time at the moment. Just like everyone else, we, as a Study Association, therefore need to constantly anticipate on the new measures. This is certainly not always easy. But we will not let that get us down! In spite of the measures, we strive to be at the disposal of our members at all times and to support them where necessary. A lack of enthusiasm and motivation will certainly not be the cause!

If you have any good ideas or problems you are running into, don’t hesitate to contact us ( We might be able to set up an activity or service to help you further! For now, stay healthy and keep your distance!


The measures around corona are constantly evolving. In doing so, Flow is expected to anticipate the existing and new measures. The current state of affairs entails the following:

For each activity there is a review of what is and is not allowed. This means that some activities are forced to work with registrations in order to comply with the maximum allowed group sizes. In addition, each activity differs in whether it takes place online or offline. This may have to do with the size of the group, or possibilities with parties we work with. Check the activities calendar for more information about our upcoming activities.

The Flow Office will remain closed for the time being. The office services will be run in the Flow Office. Unfortunately, the Flow Office will remain closed to members for the time being, since this is not yet permitted by Tilburg University.


We’ll list, once again, what this means when you want to get in touch with the association. As indicated before, we are currently unable to receive letters and packages. If you still need to send us something, we advise you to contact our Secretary Wouter Snik via Furthermore, we cannot be reached via the telephone number: +31 13 4664255.

If you want to get on contact with us, you can reach us by phone via our mobile phone number: +31 6 42951281. Furthermore, you can always send a message to our WhatsApp Business: +31 13 4664255. In addition, we can always help you via e-mail or our social media.