Language English
Teacher dr. M. Atzmüller
Exam Computer exam
Review (2017-2018)
What did you think of the course?

An interesting course in which you’ll learn to program in python. The course starts at level 0, so everyone can follow this course. During the course, you’ll work on notebooks, on which you can work during the classes, but also at home. This way, you can work in your own time, whenever you’d like. During the lectures, you have the opportunity to ask question. The course does not have a written exam, but assignments and a programming exam. Overall, quite a nice cours!


Not that much, but I have to admit that I am quite skilled in programming, so others might need more time.


The fact that you could work on the notebooks at home as well, so that you could decide your own pace and even could learn more notebooks than was needed for the course if you’d like.

Less positive:

If you understand the notebooks, the lectures might feel a bit useless.

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