Language English
Teacher M.M.P. Vanden Abeele dr. K.E. Bálint
written exam and papers
Review (2017-2018)
What did you think of the course?

Mobile Media and Society is a very interesting course that sheds light on the influences of mobile media on society. It gives insights in the development of mobile media throughout the years and the consequences of the fact that people become more and more mobile and more and more independent. There is no strict line dividing our private life and our work life anymore, because our phone makes us able to switch whenever and wherever we want. It’s interesting to have a course that’s not only analysing the trends in media use, but also the consequences of it.


The work load was fine. We had to do a group paper which was quite big, but since you’re doing it with others, it’s manageable. Also we had work group sessions so you’re motivated to work on the paper every week instead of cramming all the work in the last week.


The teacher (Vanden Abeele) is great! She is in the middle of writing her own book for the course and shared some chapters so the literature was a great fit to the course. Also the topics that were covered and the guest lectures were very interesting.

Less positive:

It was a lot of information to learn for the exam. Still manageable though.

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