DSS in a nutshell

Today’s society operates on large amounts of data. Industries, governments and academia are asked to provide insight into these data. Tilburg University offers a wide range of complementary expertise, including techniques for data mining, pattern recognition, business analytics, visualization and process analytics; as well as knowledge on law, regulation, ethics and entrepreneurship.  The master specialization consists of courses in methods of analysis, together with economic and management as well as legal, ethical and methodological perspectives on data, all of them taught by experts in these fields. In this one-year program, it is possible to specialize in one of the four areas, dependent on your background: Business, Governance, Media or Health. You will follow a set of standard courses which will teach you the Data Science essentials, commonly there are courses in analytics, law, statistics and methodology. The masters program will be finished with a thesis where the focus is on an individual project in which a big dataset will be analysed, commissioned by research staff or other organizations.