What is Flow?

Flow is the study association for all students of Communication & Information Sciences (CIS), Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence (CSAI), and Data Science & Society (DSS) at Tilburg University. Flow was founded in 2002, to make life easier and more fun for students through a variety of activities. Today, almost twenty years later, we can call ourselves one of Tilburg University’s largest study associations.

Flow is first and foremost a study association, which means that there is a focus on educational support for students. You can think of discounts on books, free summaries for members, and the possibility to get and give tutoring. However, Flow does much more than just support students on an educational level. For example, there is a wide range of formal and informal activities that are organized each year for members.

Formal activities include the many company visits and workshops. The activities give you a better idea of the work field and allow you to expand your professional network. An annual study trip is also organized, during which we visit foreign companies, and discover new cultures and traditions.

In addition to the formal activities, Flow also frequently organizes informal activities for the members of Flow. For example, every month there is a drink in Klein Café Van Horen Zeggen. There are also activities organized, especially for freshmen. Furthermore, we regularly sport together, but also have beer tastings, or a city trip. Take a look at the homepage to see which activities are coming up!

Flow works hard to remain good and strong contacts with other study associations in Tilburg, and sister associations in other Dutch cities. In addition, Flow has strong ties with the faculty, the student members of the faculty council, the board of the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences, and the student parties in the university council.