Experiences Platform

Labor Market

Here, you can read stories of students who have a study related side job and stories of people who are pursuing a career. Where will you work after or during your study?


On this page you can find experiences of students with internships at different companies. What did they learn at their internship and would they recommend it to you?

Study Abroad

Read stories of students who studied in a foreign country for a semester. Are you interested in a minor abroad? Go to the page for ideas and tips from experience experts!


At the minor experiences page, you can read experiences from students with different minors. They explain what they liked and what they liked less about their minor.


Are you considering different master studies? Then please read these experiences of students with relevant masters in Tilburg and other Dutch cities.



Explore stories of students who came to the Netherlands from a foreign country to study at Tilburg University. What is it like to join Flow as an international student?



Want to combine work with your studies in one place? Read about students working or doing other extracurricular activities like a board year at Tilburg University.



Do you have an experience you want to share? Send us an email!