Great that you want to become a member of Study Association Flow!

Flow is the study association for the studies of:

  • Communication- and Information Sciences (Bachelor, Premaster en Master)
  • Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence (Bachelor, Premaster en Master)
  • Data Science and Society (only the Master, check D.S.A. Pattern for the Bachelor)

When you’re a member of Flow, you get:

  • a discount on books through our website.
  • access to tutoring through Flow.
  • free summaries.
  • and much more (of course), but that doesn’t fit on this web page.

After you register:

  • your registration will be sent to the Secretary, who will register you as a member within three working days.
  • the membership fee will be deducted within two weeks from your bank account.
  • your membership will continue until you deregister. Your membership will be automatically renewed every 31st of August.
If you already have a bank account with IBAN / SEPA, you can fill in your bank details below. If you do not have a bank account with IBAN / SEPA, you need to pay the membership fee in cash at the Flow Office.
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