Study Association?

A study association is an association that exists for all students of a particular study. Study Association Flow represents all students of Communication and Information Sciences (CIS), Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence (CSAI) and Data Science and Society (DSS). You can join Flow if you study one of these three studies for at least one semester at Tilburg University during an academic year.

Study associations like Flow are focused on helping their members in their studies. Study associations therefore offer a lot of means to support their members, like (free) summaries, tutoring, and discounts on books. Besides supporting students educationally, a study association is also committed to support her members on a social and professional level. In order to do so, a study association organizes activities, where members can for example meet each other and have fun, or members get the opportunity to see their studies in practice and extend their network.

Study associations also have committees where you can become active, so you can develop more practical skills. At Flow, you can do so by becoming a member of one of our committees, which all focus on a different part of the association.

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Active Membership

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Why should I join?

Flow offers her members many activities and services, of which you can benefit for only 15 euros per academic year! At Flow we focus everything on our three pillars: Social, Professional, and Education. For all three pillars we organize activities throughout the year. Find out more below!


On an educational level, there are many direct benefits if you become a member of Flow. You can download summaries for free, have access to tutoring and can join all educational activities free of charge!


On a professional level, Flow can help you with your career. We organize events that will take your career to the next level: workshops where you learn useful skills, company visits where you can see your studies in practice or a training on how to apply effectively for a job.


Flow also supports its members on a social level! We organize and attend a number of social events where you can meet your fellow students and/or party with them!

The Registration Process

  • Registering for Flow

    You just registered for our association!

  • Confirmation E-mail

    When the Secretary has completed your registration, you will receive another confirmation e-mail.

  • Activating the App

    You will receive a code for the app in another e-mail. Instructions on how to activate your account are on this page.

  • Enjoy your Membership!

    Keep a close look at our website and social media so you won't miss an event!

Registration Form

After you register:

  • you will receive a confirmation e-mail;
  • your registration will be sent to the Secretary, who will send you an e-mail when they have officially registered you as a member. Please note that this process may take some time;
  • the membership fee will be deducted from your bank account;
  • when the whole registration process is finished, you are officially a member of Study Association Flow. The membership is automatically renewed every academic year. So if you are e.g. done studying or stop studying CIS, CSAI, or DSS, check out the information on our deregistration process.
If you already have a bank account with IBAN / SEPA, you can fill in your bank details below. If you do not have a bank account with IBAN / SEPA, you need to pay the membership fee in cash at the Flow Office.
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