About the "Club van 50"

The Club van 50 was founded in 2012, when Flow celebrated its 10th birthday. The Club van 50 is a group of people that want to support Flow (i.a. alumni and friends of the association) by donating €50,- every year. In return they receive a prominent place on the board in the Flow office and a yearly drink with a meeting.

Members "Club van 50"

These are the members of the “Club van 50”.

Nick Tammel – Chairman 2012-2013

Michael Langendoen – Introduction Commissioner 2013-2014

I am Michael Langendoen, in the main time a hardworking citizen, who remembers his lazy student life with melancholy. From my first year, I was already a member of Flow and left after obtaining my Master’s degree.

In these years I have been a part of various committees and was commissioner of a committee three times total: The Web Committee, the Introduction Committee, and the very first Weekend Committee. My favorite activity remains the Introcamp, during which I played a role for 5 years in a row. I’m also proud to be the founder of Flow HQ, the legendary Flow house, where I experienced great moments with many other Flow members. I had a great time at Flow and will always keep posted on the association.

Pieter Winnemuller – Vice-chairman 2013-2014

After being introduced to Flow as a freshman in 2011, I experienced a number of wonderful years as an active member. By organizing drinks, promotional activities, and above all a board year in 2013-2014, I got to know Flow inside and out. In 2016, I was able to end my active membership with the organization of the annual symposium.

Collaborating, planning, managing and above all, creating awesome activities for my fellow students: Flow has taught me a lot. High time to introduce new generations to the best study association of all. That is why I am proud to support the “Club van 50”, and I hope that Flow will give every CIS student many great years to come!

Yannick van den Hurk – Treasurer 2010-2011

Sebastiaan Brouwers – Web Commissioner 2011-2012

Yvonne Withagen – Treasurer 2014-2015

I am Yvonne Withagen, former treasurer, drunken rascal points winner, and for the time being in possession of the record longest consecutive active membership. For those interested: member EJC (2011/2012), member IFAC (2012/2013), commissioner IFAC (2013/2014), treasurer (2014/2015), member weekend committee (2015/2016), member lustrum committee (2016/2018). Maybe superfluous to say right now, but I really love Flow! Unfortunately, it’s time for me to end this period, but fortunately I can now focus my full attention on my fulltime job. A place where I can apply all the skills I learned at Flow in the ‘big people life’ (except for the drunken rascal points). And a place where I earn enough money to happily support the association that has given me so much.

Dominique Roovers – Winner Flowmission 2015 (Web)

Dennis de Groot – Chairman 2015-2016

After starting my student days with a TOP Week and Introcamp, I didn’t have to think long to sign up for a committee of Flow. Inspired by a fantastic camp and persuaded by my TOP daddy Michael Langendoen, I signed up for the Introduction Committee (of which Michael happened to be a commissioner). Then I followed Michael’s footsteps as commissioner of the Introduction Committee, and a year later I followed the footsteps of my other TOP daddy, Nick Tammel, and became chairman of this wonderful association in 2015- 2016. So, you can see that a good upbringing is very important! Besides a great board year, with super sweet board mates, full of fun and new experiences, I was also a part of different committees with in each nice fellow committee members. My weakness for the Introcamp from the first year still exists. After being a part of it every year, each time in a different role, I have almost finished the Introcamp. It is nice to involve new freshmen in Flow, so that they can hopefully enjoy it as much as I have done. Because oi, oi, oi, the student life is beautiful.

Donny Batenburg – Secretary 2015-2016

Evi van der Weegen – Commissioner External Affairs 2015-2016

At the beginning of my student days, I came into contact with Flow for the first time. After some doubts, I decided to join the “Eerstejaarscommissie” (now annexed by the Introduction Committee). This choice was the beginning of an active membership that would last all my student life – even during my exchange. In the year 2015/2016, I had the honor to be a member of the Daily Board of Flow as External Relations Commissioner. Together with the nicest fellow board members and all the dear members of Flow, I really had a top year. From 2013 until now I have seen Flow change and grow a lot, and I am proud to be able to support and be part of this.

Arnold van der Werff – Flexabeats and Regular DJ of Flow 2012-2017

Suzan van Dijke – Secretary 2016-2017

With great pleasure, I have been an active member of Study Association Flow for five years. In my first year (2013-2014), I was a member of the IFAC, after that I became a member of the Promo Committee, commissioner of the IFAC, secretary & vice-chairman, and finally a member of the Lustrum Committee. The Lustrum of Flow was a hit! We organized a gala with dinner, a super cool cantus with live band, a cabaret evening, a wild weekend at the Europapark, and we abseiled from the Pathé. I really enjoyed all the activities I had the opportunity to experience with Flow. Flow has made my student time a lot cozier, more festive, and easier. I wish that to everyone!

Stephanie Kruythof – Commissioner External Affairs 2016-2017, Grandpa of Flow

Nigel Korthout – DJ Larcho

Although Nigel was a member of the Symposium Committee in 2017-2018, he will be remembered as DJ Larcho. The name originated in London, where Flow was invited for a College Tour broadcast. In the evening, Nigel dined at a pizzeria with a Starbucks-style concept: at one counter he placed his order and at the other he received the pizza box with his name on it. You can imagine that English people have trouble spelling Dutch names, but fortunately Nigel has the most English name imaginable. How the pizza lady made ‘Larcho’ of the name Nigel is still a big mystery up to this day. Since then he goes through life as (DJ) Larcho.

Nina Serpenti – Chairman 2017-2018

Ramon Pieternella – Vice Chairman 2017-2018

Meggie Janssen – Secretary 2017-2018

Anouk Smits – Treasurer 2017-2018

Anneloes Meijer – Commissioner External Affairs 2017-2018

Jesse Janse – Zeelandic pride of  Flow

Nina Rooze – Secretary 2018-2019

Ayra Lintsen – Treasurer & Vice Chairman 2018-2019

Anouk den Doelder – External Affairs 2018-2019

Thijs van der Weijden – ‘Thissa’, Active member 2017 – 2021

In 2016 I started studying CIS in Tilburg. After a quiet first year, I became an active member of Flow in 2017, because I did know early that the ‘blue shirts’ were the people to roll with. Then the real adventure started! I unexpectedly got a student room and visited countless drinks, cantuses, trips and other activities. Eventually I spent three years in the Web committee (one of which as commissioner) and one year in the IFAC. A time full of learning and fun!

Because the Corona crisis threw a wrench into the studying process, I’ll leave Tilburg with just a bachelor and no master as originally intended. However, what matters more to me than those papers, is all the personal development, experience and fun as an active student. And all the people I got to know, of course! Thank you all and it was an honor to be part of Flow!

Dore de Smidt, Chair 2019 – 2020

When I moved to ‘below the rivers’ in 2017 with slight nerves, I didn’t expect to be welcomed with so many open arms. The ‘Brabantse gezelligheid’, the student life in Tilburg and all the lovely members of Flow ensured that I had found a new home in no time. To everyone from the Randstad: the grass is actually greener on the other side.

Swept away by the enthusiasm of my new friends, as a freshman I became a member of the Promotion Committee. The next year I was allowed to organize the Study Trip to Helsinki & Tallinn together with a great committee and the year after that I got the chance to be Chair of our beautiful association. During all those years with Flow, I enjoyed, learned, discovered myself and made friends for life. Despite the fact that I started a completely different study, those four years of the bachelor CIS were more than worth it. Above all, they were four wonderful years with Flow. I hope I can add many more years as a member of the Club van 50!

Fenna Lambregts, Secretary & Vice-chair 2019-2020

In 2017, I joined Flow during the year of our third lustrum, starting in the Family Day Committee. I was lucky enough to be one of the people who joined the lustrum trip to Europapark, and after this, I decided I was going to fully enjoy the Flow-student life, and I moved to Tilburg. In my second year, I was in the Study Trip Committee, and we organized an amazing trip to Helsinki and Tallinn. After this wonderful experience, my aspirations to become a board member were solidified, and I applied. Luckily, I was accepted and constituted as the Secretary and Vice-Chair of the XIXth board, 2019-2020! The months in which corona was just a beer were amazing, but the pandemic presented a huge challenge for us as a board and as an association. I’m immensely proud of how resilient we were and how we stood strong and finished the year. After my board year, I decided to join the Promo Committee, for one more year of Flow fun. Now, I’m happy to finally be taking place in the Club van 50, since I’m very grateful for all the joy and friends that Flow have brought me.

Ivo de Haan, IA 2019-2020 | ‘Techkech’

My time at Flow started a little over half a year before I was to start my Bachelor of Communication and Information Sciences in Tilburg. After the walk-in day at the University, I contacted Flow to be paired with a student for a day. Before I knew it, I was helping the IFAC in the break between lectures by making flag lines and gold plating Barbie dolls for the committee battle (you can see the flag line hanging against the bar in the photos). My image of Flow was already formed (in a positive sense 😉 ).

In the years that followed, I was active in the two W’s: the Web and the Weekend. I also had the opportunity to be a commissioner of the Web for a year and a year as Internal Affairs of the Daily Board, which were two incredibly fun and educational experiences for me that I will carry with me forever. I am still very happy that I made the choice to join this association when I arrived in Tilburg. Fortunately (at the time of writing) I have not yet graduated and I can still experience Flow up close and hope to do so later on from the Club van 50!

Anne Ninteman, External Affairs 19-20, 3 Flowmission wins in a row

After a memorable TOP week and Introduction Weekend, of which almost my entire group immediately became active, I too didn’t have to think long about becoming active at Flow. In 2017-2018, I started as a freshman in the Introduction Committee, and after a fantastic year and a Flowmission victory richer, I wanted to do more within Flow. So I became a commissioner of IFAC, with an extremely fantastic committee that once again won the Flowmission by a wide margin. After this year, I had the honour of succeeding Anouk as External Relations in the 2019-2020 board. A great year with the best board mates I could wish for, but with the sudden arrival of Uncle Covid as the low point. A cancelled Study Trip, a closed Flow office and no more drinks in VHZ as a result. Despite these difficult times for the association, I am proud of how Flow has continued to develop and how it has been able to help its members through many a lockdown. Flow has made my time as a student a wonderful time where I was able to make friends for life and I am very grateful to everyone for that. Cheers!

Ellis van der Meer, 2x Flowmission winner (2019, 2021)

After being introduced to Flow’s parties at VHZ during the TOP Week, I immediately knew that I wanted to become an active member of the IFAC. During my first year I got to know all the nice drinks, cantuses and other activities Flow has to offer. In my second year I was a member of the Introduction Committee and in my third year I was an active member of the Weekend Committee. Becoming an active member of Flow has been one of the best decisions ever, because in the past three years I have developed a nice relationship with both the people as with the association itself. Therefore, becoming a member of the Club van 50 was something I didn’t have to think about for long. I hope that in this way I can make a small contribution so all future members of Flow can also enjoy the beautiful years here, as Flow has done this for me in the past three years.

Giel Moerbeek, First Sports & Games Commissioner (2018-2019)

Hello everybody, I am Giel Moerbeek and I have been an active flow member from 2015 till 2021 (almost a decade). In this period I was a member at various committees, peaking with being the first commissioner of the Sports and Games committee. Beside all those committees, I went to various activities (both formal and informal) where I met a lot of people and gained a lot of knowledge. The main reason I joined the ‘’Club van 50” is that Flow contributed in both my professional and personal development. In short, Flow played an important role during my student days and hopefully this will also be the case for more CIS, CSAI and Data Science students.

Marijke Fioole, Five years of loyal service

As a brand new student in Tilburg, I came into contact with Flow in 2016 during the TOP Week and the Introduction Weekend. I soon realized that there was an incredibly great atmosphere within this association and without hesitation I signed up for the First Year Committee, which kicked off my five years of active membership with Flow. In the years that followed I became a member of the Promotion Committee, the Study Trip Committee, the Web Committee and the Weekend Committee, with which I won the Flowmission at the very last moment. Flow has been a big part of my student life and I’ve really enjoyed all the activities, trips and people that came along with it. The question whether I wanted to continue supporting the association by being part of the Club van 50 was therefore completely unnecessary, because who wouldn’t want that!

William van Wijk, Chair 2020-2021