How does the summaries service work?

Flow offers free summaries for our members (summaries cost €5,- for non-members). You can buy summaries through the Webshop.  You can also sell your summaries to Flow for up to €17,50! You can find more information on this page.

Are you looking for even more assistance with your studies? Perhaps tutoring is something for you! For more information, please visit the tutoring page. It is also possible to help out your fellow students by tutoring them, for more information on becoming a tutor via Flow, click here.

Buying summaries

You can buy summaries in the Webshop. The summaries are ordered by year of study. You can also search for a specific summary by using the search box on the website.

Selling summaries

Due to a technical issue, the contact forms below are not working properly. Therefore, we ask you to send an e-mail to if you would like to sell summaries to Flow. Please include the information needed in the e-mail.

You can sell your self-written summaries to Flow for up to €17,50. You can send your summary to the Internal Affairs through the form below. The Internal Affairs will check your summary and will send an e-mail to you with an offer.

You need to send the summary in a Word-file (.docx format), so we are able to check the summary and – if you agree with our offer – add the Flow-template to it. We will never place a summary in our Webshop without your explicit consent.

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    Evaluating summaries

    Bought a summary and want to leave a review? You can write an evaluation of your summary on this page!

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