Dear Flow members,

Do you want to do more for Flow? And are you looking for opportunities to do more besides your study and to gain some experience? Think about a board year! By doing a board year, you work on your personal development (among other things): you learn, for example, to work together, to take (big) responsibilities and to keep an overview. Not only you will develop yourself personally, a board year is good for your resume too and you enlarge your network! To give you a better idea of what you can expect of a board year, we give a short description below.

General Board

The General Board consists of the Daily Board and the commissioners of all the committees Flow has. As a commissioner, you lead a committee. That means that you prepare and chair the meetings and that you will direct the members of the committee. In the end, you are responsible for the ins and outs of your committee, and therefore it is important that everything will go smooth. On top of that, as a commissioner, you will be present at the monthly General Board Meeting (GBM).

Daily Board

The Daily Board deals with the state of affairs of the whole association. As a member of the Daily Board, you are informed about all the affairs that happen within the association; you set goals and you ensure that these goals will be achieved. Besides that, every board member is ‘buddy’ of a few committees. That means that you are present at all the meetings of your committees and you know exactly what they are doing. Moreover, every week a Daily Board Meeting (DBM) takes place, in which all the current affairs are being discussed. Furthermore, as a Daily Board member you are present at the monthly General Board Meetings (GBM). Besides the general management tasks, every board member has tasks that belong to his or her position. A short description of the board positions, go to position descriptions.

Hopefully, you know more know about what the board positions include and that it will help you choose. If you need more information, or if you have questions about a certain board position, you can always send an email to the concerned board member. Besides that, we would like to invite you to a trial day. Below the email addresses of all the board members.

Internal Affairs:
External Affairs:

If you have other questions, you are welcome to send an email!

– the Board