The right to participate in decision-making is an important democratic right. You can co-decide and advise at various levels (program, school and university), on all matters regarding the curriculum and the organization of Tilburg University. Taking part in these decision-making processes can be a great learning experience during your study. On this page several levels of student participation are elaborated.

Program Committee

The Program Committee advises the Faculty Board about various matters regarding education. Besides, the Program Committee monitors the quality of the program, the plans and the activities. For example the Education and Examination Regulations and course evaluations are being discussed.

Faculty Council

In a number of areas, the Faculty Council has the right of agreement, and it is authorized to offer the dean advice, both solicited and unsolicited. It has the right of agreement with respect to the educational plan, for instance, and parts of the education and assessment regulations. Fractie Dante and Active TSHD represent students in the Faculty Council.

University Council

Think along, talk along and decide along. Through the University Council employees and students of the university can influence policies and processes at the university. The University Counsel pays an important contribution to the further development of Tilburg University. Fractie SAM and Fractie FRONT represent students in the University Council.

Besides the above named forms of student participation, students can also be involved at national or municipal level.