About our committees

Study Association Flow has a range of committees that are responsible for the organization of both informal and formal activities. These committees consist of several Flow members and are led by a commissioner, the chair of the committee.

Being an active member of Flow is not only very exciting and fun. It’s also beneficial for your personal development. You learn to collaborate, to organize all kinds of events (ranging from formal workshops to informal parties), you are in contact with companies and you get the opportunity to expand your network. This could be very useful, not only during your study, but also after you graduate. There is also a competitive element to keep the spirits up: the Flowmission.

Visit the committee pages for more information about what the committees entail and who is part of the committee.

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Career Committee

The Career Committee organizes activities like company visits, networking events, and workshops. They are also responsible for the acquisition, together with the Board Member External Affairs.


The Informal Activities Committee (IFAC) organizes activities like the monthly drinks and annual cantuses.

InFlow Committee

The InFlow Committee is responsible for the monthly newsletter, the blog, and the Flowzine.

Introduction Committee

The Introduction Committee organizes activities for freshmen.

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee organizes activities like Pimp Your Bike and the annual Charity Auction.

Sports & Games Committee

The Sports and Games Committee organizes the annual Sports Day and activities like bootcamps and game tournaments.

Ski Trip Committee

The Ski Trip Committee organizes the annual Ski Trip.

Study Trip Committee

The Study Trip Committee organizes the annual Study Trip.
If you want more information about the Study Trip itself, go to the information page.

Symposium Committee

The Symposium Committee organizes the annual Symposium.

Web Committee

The Web Committee is responsible for the social media and website of Flow.

Weekend Committee

The Weekend Committee organizes the annual City Trip and Association Weekend.

Other Committees

Flow has some other committees with supporting roles.