The Chair is in charge of the meetings and has to decide what is going to be discussed. Additionally, you represent the board and the association. In this role, you will have a lot of contact with the university and other (study) associations. At the beginning of the year you present the policy of the board, which you’ve written together with your board. During the rest of the year, you try to work out this policy and besides that, you work on the multi-annual plan. Moreover, you work out general board tasks, which get divided among the board members. With the other board members you will have a great year, in which you’ll learn a lot and have a lot of fun!

Are you interested in representing the association, being in charge of meetings and taking responsibilities? Maybe being a Chair is something for you!


The secretary is responsible for the communication with members, other associations and the university. As the secretary, you maintain contacts and keep all incoming mail and e-mail well organized. In addition, you take minutes of the General and Daily Board Meetings and take care of the member administration. Moreover, the administration of the Flowmission, webshop and board activities are also your responsibility. Finally, it’s your job to keep in touch with alumni, the Club of 50 and former boards.

Do you like maintaining contacts and planning? And are you also a well-organized worker? Maybe the function of Secretary will fit you!


As treasurer, you are responsible for all financial affairs within Flow. At the beginning of your year, you will make a budget for the coming year (a guideline for the coming year) for all committees and for the association in general. At the end of the year, you will make a realization of the entire year and you will present this on the General Members Meeting. You will also check all budgets and realizations of all committees and you are the board buddy of the Study Trip Committee (since a fair amount of money is involved here). Apart from this, you make outgoing invoices, send out automatic debits, and request subsidies at the university. But mostly, you are a board member of Flow, and make sure you have a great year together with your fellow board members.

Are you able of keeping an overview, are you responsible, and do you have an eye for detail? Then you might want to consider becoming a Treasurer!

Internal Affairs

The board member Internal Affairs is mainly maintaining the website, social media and other IT within Flow. This means that you are responsible for almost all outgoing communication to the outside world and your members. Think of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and this website, but also the computers at the Flow Office are your responsibility. You are automatically the board buddy of the Web Committee and after your board year you will be part of the unofficial Webcouncil (this consists of the last two Vice Chairmans). Aside from your IT responsibilities, you are also responsible for GDPR and study aid.

Are you good with IT and do you like diverse work? Then the position of Internal Relations is for you!

External Affairs

As External Affairs you are responsible for acquisition and contact with companies. At the beginning of the academic year you set up the PR plan for the coming year. In this plan you set goals for yourself. At the end of the year, you present your accomplishments of the year and explain why you did or did not achieve your goals.

Are you not afraid to call companies and be the face of the association to companies and other external parties? Maybe you will be the next External Affairs.