Becoming active in 2019-2020

From the academic year of 2019-2020 on, you are able to register as an active member for a full year, but also for a shorter period of time if you are going on an exchange. For more information, go to the bottom of this page.


Every year, you can become an active member and take place in one (or more) of our 14 committees. Every committee has its own responsibilities. You can find all committees under Flow > Committees in the menu above.

What is an “active membership”?

When you become active at Flow, you will participate in one of the many committees that the association has to offer. Every committee is different, so make sure you read the committee descriptions or visit our Committee Market!

During a year as an active member, you and your committee are responsible for a part of the association. The commissioner is the head of the committee: they chair the meetings, do the interviews, etc. Most committees also have a treasurer (someone who controls the committee budget) and a secretary (someone who takes notes during every meeting). These two people usually will be chosen during the first meeting of the committee. Every committee also has a Board Buddy. This is a member of the Daily Board who is also in the committee.

The time you need to participate can differ per committee. Some committees have “peak moments”, which makes that the workload can be a bit higher or lower at some times. You can learn more about the time it will take to be in a specific committee.

Extra benefit: Knaek Discount Card

Aside from all the usual benefits you receive as a member, as an active member you have the chance to obtain one of the 50 Knaek Discount Cards that Flow receives. With the Knaek Card, you can get discounts at numerous places in Tilburg, such as McDonald’s, Euroscoop or Starbucks.  Please note that you have to download the app for the use of Knaek and remember to renew the card every year. You can pick up your Knaek at the Flow office at the start of the academic year.

The registrations for the active membership are closed.

Becoming active and going on exchange

From this academic year onwards, we offer you the opportunity to become active if you go on an exchange in the same year. This is possible if you’re on an exchange in the first or second semester. Click on the semester in which you are on exchange for more information.

Important: only students who are on exchange or who will go on exchange can use this regulation.