Becoming Active in 2022-2023

Do you want to get more out of your student life in Tilburg? Study Association Flow is always looking for enthusiastic students to become active! Being an active member of Flow is not only beneficial for your personal development, but it also gives your student life an even greater kickstart! By becoming an active member at Flow, you will develop yourself educationally, professionally, and socially.

Every year of your studies, you can become an active member and join one (or more) of our committees. Every committee has its own responsibilities and offers you different challenges and possibilities. Flow offers members a variety of formal and informal committees, with each a different workload. Some committees have a higher workload than others, so there is always a committee that suits your phase of study. Here you can read some experiences of active Flow members!

So, are you looking for a boost for your student life in Tilburg? Become an active member at Flow and organize many different activities with your fellow Flow members and get to know other active members better during Flow activities! The registrations are opened for a few committees.


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You have to be a member of Flow to become active. You can register as a member of Flow here.

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