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Below you can read the experiences of six active members of Flow. They tell you what they have gained from Flow and why they became an active member! Would you like to know more about Flow, (active) membership or something else? Then take a look at the website or send an email to

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Hi, I’m Milan! At the beginning of the past academic year I decided to become an active member of Flow and I haven’t had a moment to regret this choice. I really enjoyed all the activities and drinks and it really boosted my student life. I got to know a lot of people and made friends, which made me feel right at home in the first few months. It’s great to combine it with your studies, also because the different activities are not ‘compulsory’. Personally, I liked this very much, because I didn’t feel any pressure to be present when things couldn’t be combined with my studies. Also, all the people you got to know can give you advice about difficulties you encounter during your first year, because they were in the same situation. This was another huge advantage of active membership for me. I am happy to be an active member at Flow and am already looking forward to next year!



Hi, I’m Ruben, and I’ m starting my third year of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. You don’t necessarily have to spend all your time studying during your studentyears. Flow has a variety of activities to offer. It varies from extra help with courses to sports activities and there is no obligation to be at an activity, but you are always welcome! In addition, through Flow I have visited companies where I might want to work later in life. The company visits gave me a good idea of how I can use what I learn at CSAI later on!
If you also want to do something besides your studies, I would advise you to become an active member and join one of the committees. These committees vary a lot from each other so there is one for you anyhow. Joining a committee also makes it easier to make new social contacts. Of course this is not a requirement, but it does help. So if you are interested, I hope to see you next year at Flow!



Hi! My name is Louisa and in September I will start with my second year of Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence. When I started my studies in Tilburg I joined the Ski Trip Committee of Flow. Being an active international Flow member is totally worth it. It’s the best opportunity to meet other Dutch and international students and get to know your committee members. Participating in different activities also let me engage in Dutch culture.



Hi! My name is Anne Ninteman and I’m in my third year of the Bachelor CIS. In my first year I immediately became an active member of a committee of Flow and soon I got the ambition to do more within the association! One of the great things about Flow is that everyone interacts with each other, no matter what year you’re in. For example, as a freshman I soon had friends from the third year who were able to help me with many courses they had already completed. The highlight of my time at Flow is my year as a Daily Board member last year. Together with 4 other students, who will become your best friends after a while, you are in charge of everything that happens within Flow. I have learned a lot from this and have been able to expand my network enormously! You get to know students from other studies because you have a lot of contact with other associations, you get a more personal bond with the lecturers and staff of your study program because you work a lot with them and last but not least, last year on behalf of Flow I have been in contact with a lot of alumni and companies related to my studies and so I already have a lot of contacts in the business world. So I can certainly say that Flow has contributed a lot to my student time, but also when I enter the job market later on. A must for anyone who is looking for practical experience in addition to his or her studies and also wants to make friends for life!



Hi! I’m Ramon, and during my master’s Data Science, I’ve been a member of the Futurism Committee and the Informal Activities Committee (IFAC). Joining these committees made my final year and a half of studying amazing! I met many many new friends which I would not have met otherwise and got to enjoy the true student life for a bit longer while finishing up my studies. It was great organizing events for others to enjoy, and being able to go to the other Flow events together with my committee! Before joining the committees during my master’s, I was wondering whether it would take up too much of my time. This turned out not to be a problem. I just indicated I might be a bit busier at some periods due to my studies, and the commissioners took it into account when creating the planning for the committee.



Hi! I’m Lynn Willems, 18 years old, and I’m going to my second year of the bachelor CIS after the summer. I became an active member of Flow at the beginning of my first year and I liked it so much that I will become a commissioner after the summer. I found the choice between a study association or a student association quite difficult, that’s why at the beginning of the year I joined the introduction weekends of both Flow and a student association, to see what I felt more comfortable with. Although both weekends were great fun, I felt more at home with the people from Flow. Everyone made sure that, together with the other freshmen, I felt right at home and could be completely myself, without having to ‘prove’ myself or have any obligations. I also like the fact that committees consist of both boys and girls and that each committee also interacts with each other, so that you really get to know everyone. All in all, Flow has made my student time so far much more fun than I could have imagined!