Flow offers tutoring to our members. On this page you will find an explanation on how to get tutoring through Flow, in which courses tutoring is offered, and you can register to give tutoring through Flow.

Selection tutoring

Statistics for Bachelors CIS / Premasters CIS

Two students are available to give tutoring in Statistics for Bachelors CIS / Premasters CIS. Click the button to react to this offer.

Can’t find the course that you need tutoring in?

If you need tutoring in a course that is not offered through Flow yet, you can send an e-mail to internalaffairs@svflow.nl. We will search for someone who can give tutoring in the specific course.

How does tutoring through Flow work?

  • React to a course

    See a course you wish to receive tutoring in? Click 'React' and send an e-mail.

  • Make arrangements

    Flow will send your contact details to the person who wants to give tutoring. You will make arrangements on the date(s) and time(s) for the tutoring and the reward for the tutor.

  • Studying!

    You can get to busniness after making arrangements with your tutor.

Students can give and receive tutoring through Flow.

If you would like to receive tutoring, you must be a member of Flow before you can receive tutoring. At the top of this page you will find all courses in which tutoring is currently offered. These offers come from other students who want to give tutoring.

If you would like to give tutoring through Flow, you can sign up at the bottom of this page. After you have filled in your details, Internal Affairs will contact you. After this, the course in which you would like to give tutoring will be placed on the website.

As soon as a student responds to one of the courses in order to receive tutoring, we link the student who wants to give tutoring to the student who wants to receive the tutoring. The students discuss with each other what the fee for the tutoring will be. Flow does not use a guideline for the fees. For the tutoring, Flow is only the contact person who links the students to each other.

Registering for giving tutoring

Would you like to give tutoring in one or more courses? Fill in the form below, and we will let you know when we have found someone who would like tutoring in a course that you have specified.

We are currently looking for tutors in:
– Calculus for Bachelors CSAI

Giving Tutoring

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