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Being an active member means that you will become a member of one of our eleven committees. It does not include any additional costs and it can have a positive influence at a social, educational and personal level.

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I will pay by cash at the Flow Office (E204). The contribution fee is €15,00.

I give Flow permission to extract the contribution fee of €15,00 every year using direct debit. This process will take place around October or November. If one registers after this date, the contribution fee will be extracted within 2 months after registration. From the next year on the contribution fee will be extracted around October or November. This permission will continue until deregistration. The deadline for deregistration is September 1st of the corresponding association year and has to be done by email ( or or via the website. Otherwise, the membership will be extended by 1 year. I will make sure that I have enough money on my account so the direct debit will succeed. I am obligated to report any changes of my personal information. The direct debit will take place according to the SEPA-guidelines.

After registration, it is possible to cancel your registration for four weeks without stating reasons via e-mail ( or After this term of four weeks cancellation as well as reimbursement of the membership-fee is not possible.

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