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You can only order pastries if you have an address in Tilburg where it can be delivered.

Did you already start missing the Tasty’s of the Promo Committee? The Promo Committee has the solution: if you can’t come to the Tasty, the Promo Committee brings the Tasty to you! That’s right, the Promo Committee is going to deliver pastries between 11:00h and 14:00h in Tilburg! Because this Tasty is on the 11th of the 11th, they searched for a couple of nice recipes with green and orange in it: the colors of Tilburg during carnival. In the registration form you can choose which pastry you would like: pumpkin-orange cake (€1), cheesecake (€1), or an orange colored cookie (€0,50). In this form you can also let them know how many you would like to have and at what time you want your pastry to be delivered. With either baking and delivering, the rules of the RIVM will be followed: the Promo Committee will bake and deliver alone, disinfect their hands, and when they deliver the pastry they will put it down on the sidewalk and keep distance. Order your pastries via the registration form. Hopefully the Promo Committee will see you on the 11th of November when we deliver your pastries!

Registration form

Registrations will close on the 9th of November, 23:59h.