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Hey Flow Member! Are you missing the monthly shots for 1 euro at Klein CafĂ© Van Horen Zeggen as well? No need to be sad, because the Informal Activities Committee has good news for you! To get back in the ‘Flow’, the Informal Activities Committee organizes a Shot Tasting for you! For only 5 euros, the committee will deliver 6 fantastic shots on the 18th of November in the morning/afternoon at your place (of course in line with the measures of the RIVM). Don’t try to consume them immediately, because that night at 20:00h the shots will be taken together online. Make sure you register on time, because the number of spots is limited! You can register until the 15th of November, 17:00h. Side note: we only deliver in Tilburg!


The registrations will close on the 15th of November, 17:00h.