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The museums have been closed for a while unfortunately, but luckily not all art can be found inside. Multiple art pieces can be found outside as well, for example on a house or on a single wall. To enjoy and admire these wonderful art pieces, the Study Trip Committee has mapped out a route through Tilburg, which passes by various pieces of street art. You can enjoy this route during the new Study Trip Committee activity: the Street Art Route. The route will be posted on Facebook and the website on Monday the 22nd of February, and can be enjoyed from the 22nd till the 26th of February. So make sure you put on your comfortable shoes and get some fresh air while admiring the gorgeous art pieces through Tilburg. If you decide to go out for a walk, don’t hesitate to send in a picture of yourself alone or with your walking buddy, when passing a wonderful piece of street art! You can do this via the socials or to (TIP: You can also send in a picture for the Path√© Flowto of the Month Competition to the same e-mail address!).

Street Art Route