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Data Morgana is a short lecture series, divided into four parts, about the promises, hype, and misconceptions surrounding data science. On the 9th of March, the first Data Morgana session takes place from 16:00h onward via a livestream. In the first session the foundations and development of data science will be discussed by our first speaker Dr. Richard Starmans.

During these lectures, the role of data science in general scientific practice, and in our global society will be put up for discussion. We look beyond the hype, beyond the mirage of unlimited promises and beyond hollow buzzwords. What have we accomplished with data science; what has it cost us; and what can we actually expect from it in the future?

In the first session, the focus will be on the Advent of Data Science, creating a common understanding of the origins of data science, and what makes data science essentially different from its predecessors in scientific methodology.

Upcoming Data Morgana sessions

March 23: Data Science Milestones
April 6: Risks and Limitations of Data Science
April 20: The Future of Data Science


Dr. Richard Starmans

He is the managing director of The Netherlands Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems (SIKS). He is also an Associate Professor at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences (Tilburg University).

His research and publications focus primarily on the intersection between philosophy and science, specifically mathematical statistics, data science and artificial intelligence. In the “Handbook of Big Data” (Buelmann et al, Chapman & Hall/CRC, New York, 2016), Starmans wrote the chapter on the foundations of data science titled: “The Advent of Data Science – some considerations on the unreasonable effectiveness of data”.