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Welcome to Tilburg!

Are you studying Communication & Information Sciences (CIS), Cognitive Science & Artificial Intelligence (CSAI), or Data Science & Society (DSS) next year? Do you want to make the most of your student life beyond sitting in a classroom? Then Flow is here to help you with your educational, professional, and social development during your student years! Give yourself the best start to your student life by getting to know Flow.

Study Association Flow

What does Flow do for you?

Flow offers its members a wide range of activities and extras, all of which you can benefit from for just 15 euros per academic year! At Flow, we strive to support our students in three different aspects:


As a Flow member, you not only receive discounts on books and free summaries but also have access to study spaces at the university during exams and activities that support your studies.


To support you on your career path, Flow organizes company visits and networking events where our members can connect with our partners, such as Deloitte and DPG Media. Throughout the year, we hold workshops to help you develop your soft and hard skills.


Besides your studies, there should be time for relaxation. That’s why we organize parties at our local pub, Klein Café Van Horen Zeggen, as well as enjoyable activities, cantuses, and annual trips such as City Trip, Study Trip, and Association Weekend. This way, you can easily meet fellow students and make great friends.

Get to know Flow at our Introduction Weekend!

At the beginning of each academic year, an Introduction Weekend is organized for first-year students. You will spend the weekend with other first-year students, guided by Flow members. Through parties, cactuses, and fun games/activities, you will get to know each other better and begin your student life.

Save the date: September 8th to 10th!

Becoming active?

All these activities are organized by and for Flow students. Are you interested in getting involved? Consider becoming an active member! As a first-year student, it’s easily combined with your studies. As an active member, you can organize activities that YOU enjoy by joining a committee that aligns with your interests. If you love parties, check out the Informal Activities Committee! If you enjoy writing, contribute to our InFlow magazine! If you’re always the planner of your friend group, you can use those skills to organize a study trip abroad!

So, you’re looking to boost your student life in Tilburg next year? Join Flow, have the time of your life, and make friends that will last the rest of your years at university.