Can you shortly introduce yourself?
I’m Elaine, I’m 22 years old and I’m in the first year of my Master’s in Communication and Cognition. I also took a bachelor’s degree in CIS in Tilburg. At Flow I have been active in the inFlow committee and the Symposium committee.

Can you tell something about the side job you do?
I work as a communication employee at CINOP. This is an organization that advises on issues in the education and labor market in order to optimize learning processes. I have been working here since the beginning of 2019 as student support of the communication department. For example, I helped with setting up the new website, writing newsletters and social media messages.

How did you end up here? Did you need any experience or
I wanted to gain more experience in writing and wanted to experience how our study is expressed in practice. That’s why I registered at Recruit a Student, this is a temporary employment agency especially for students. Prior to this, I did an internship for six months at ‘de Leesclub van Alles’, where I gained a.o. WordPress and editorial experience. In addition, I did various activities in which I learned more about writing and text optimization (such as the inFlow committee).

How many hours a week are you busy approximately?
Two days (16 hours) per week. My studies were not necessarily delayed as a result. Before I started, I had already decided for myself that I wanted to slow down my master’s in order to be able to gain practical experience alongside it.

Why do you think that this side job is of added value when you enter the job market?
I definitely learned a lot here. In addition, I have a better idea of what I want to do later and what I can do later on (which can sometimes be difficult to do with a broad study programme).


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