What master did you do? And where?
I do the de master Communication and Information Sciences, the specialization Business Communication and Digital Media in Tilburg.

Were there any admission requirements?
I did the bachelor CIS, that means, that I can do this master too.

Why did you choose this master?
I did the bachelor Communication and Information Sciences in Tilburg. For me, I was a logical step to do the master there too. I thought, that the specialization in the bachelor was nice and that was possible in the master too. That was, for me, the reason to stay in Tilburg.

What courses did you do?
In the first part of the master, I did the courses Social Media at Work and Webcare. In the second part, I did the courses Negotiation Strategies and Online Public Relations. I’m in the third part now and I do the courses Corporate Social Responsibility Communication, Mobile Media & Society and the research skill Design and Analysis of Questionnaires.

Did you live in a dorm?
When I started the master, I moved to a dorm. I didn’t do that especially for the master, I was already planning to live in a dorm. The master is a lot busier than the bachelor, so I’m happy that I’m in a dorm now and that I don’t have to travel two hours per day anymore.

How did you like it?
The master is satisfying up to now. The work load is bigger in comparison to the bachelor, because you have four parts instead of two semesters.

Was is hard to switch?
The subjects are not difficult, you build on the knowledge you obtained in the bachelor. The amount of articles stays the same.

Did you know someone else who did this master?
In the first half of the year, I knew only a few other students, but it is very easy to make new friends because the group projects where you meet other students. The lectures are also very interactive.