As a future graduate CIS student, it is important to gain relevant insights into your opportunities on the labor market and to know what your strengths are. The Premaster and Master Committee is happy to help you with that. We organize formal and informal activities so that you can improve your knowledge but also your skills as a communication professional. For instance, we organize job trainings to get your dream job and pub lectures to broaden your knowledge. Furthermore, we give you the possibility to explore the labor market during the Flow Business Challenge, where you give your professional advice on cases from organizations. We are not only members of the Premaster and Master Committee but also your classmates in the premaster or master.

Thus, do not hesitate to ask questions and share your ideas with us in person, or send an e-mail to

Andrea Damyanova, Anneloes Meijer (board buddy), Rachel Dekker (commissioner), Lotte Bruijninckx, Irene Broeckaert, Marina Gomez Fuentes.


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