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During an academic year, Flow organizes a lot of activities that all members are welcome to join. Below, we give a small impression of our activities. Of course, these are by far not all activities that Flow organizes!

Especially for Freshmen

When you are starting your studies, you naturally want to make new friends as soon as possible. This is easiest if you not only see each other in the lecture halls, but also do something fun together afterwards! That is why Flow organizes various activities throughout the year specifically for first-year students. This way, you can get to know each other better during a game of laser tag or a cocktail workshop. In addition to this, Flow helps all first-year students with their studies. For example, writing marathons and extra lectures are organized for assignments and subjects that are experienced as difficult. In this way, Flow helps you pass all your subjects and ensure that your first year is a great success!

Preparing for the Future

During the year Flow organises several company visits. During such visits, employees of the company give a presentation about their work and explain a relevant issue that they are dealing with. The students get to work on solving the problem and learn how it is done in the work field. Aside from that, it is the ideal opportunity to expand your network. A lot of different companies are covered, for example Theaters Tilburg, Algemeen Dagblad or Handpicked. Last year we visited Station 88, an innovation hub in Tilburg where all kinds of different companies are housed. Here we heard, among other things, how the women of Strooploos set up their communication agency and how Emprover’s software has become successful.

Monthly Drinks

Every month there is a drink in our local pub Klein Café Van Horen Zeggen. Everyone is welcome here. The drinks each have their own theme, from a pauper theme to a gala theme. Different committees dress up according to these themes to win the price for the best ouftig, but it is entirely voluntary to come dressed up. The drinks start around 22:00 and continue until the late hours. The drinks are an opportunity to get to know a lot of new people but also to relax between studying!

Travelling Together

Every year Flow organizes a study trip abroad. We have already been to various countries, such as Spain, Finland, Greece, etc. As a student you can get to know other cultures and habits. In addition, you get to know different people well and you often become a close group during the trip. During the study trip, both formal and informal activities take place. There are several university and company visits organized, but also city games or a pub crawl to experience an unforgettable journey!

Student Life

Your student days aren’t complete if you haven’t experienced a cantus. A cantus is a singing-fest where you stand at long tables with your fellow students and drink a beer in between the singing. In Tilburg, a number of large cantuses take place every year. Often you can get a ticket for this via Flow and therefore you are automatically at the same table as your student friends. Flow also organizes its own cantus twice a year. In December, the Saint Nicholas cantus takes place, where, in addition to the regular songs, Saint Nicholas songs also pass by. At the end of the academic year is the spring cantus, which has a different theme every year. Former students will advise you not to miss a single cantus!

Yearly Symposium

Flow organizes a symposium every year. Flow strives to organize an interesting and educational symposium. Various topics have already been discussed, such as crisis communication and new technologies in the healthcare sector. Various speakers will come to talk about the subject and there will also be the opportunity to ask questions. The symposium will be ended with a drink!