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On the 19th of December the time has finally come… Flow turns 18 years old! Now the association is officially of an ‘adult’ age. As an 18-year-old, Flow is finally old enough to get married, drive a car, and of course have a legal drink! Together with you, the Daily Board would like to celebrate this special age. Therefore, you can join a Friday afternoon drink, including a surprise activity, on Friday the 18th of December for Flow’s birthday. From 14:00h till 16:00h, the Daily Board will raise the first ‘legal’ glass together with you online. So take a break from studying or celebrate the beginning of your holiday during Flow’s Dies Natalis! Have a toast with the Daily Board and join the surprise activity. There is no need to register for the activity, so don’t hesitate to join on the 18th of December! The link will be published on the day of the activity, so keep an eye on the website, the app, or the Facebook event.