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Do you like to exercise more and are you unable to resist the temptation of some tasty snacks? The Promo Committee has found the perfect solution for this! On May 4th, you can participate in the Walking Tasty. A beautiful walking route is mapped out with a point on the route (Talent Square Plaza in Tilburg) where you can pick up some nice snacks to enjoy on the way. In this way, you can immediately get rid of the calories from the snacks.

To prevent that too many people arrive at the pick-up point at the same time, you will have to indicate in advance at what time you will pick up your package. Make sure you go for a walk with a maximum of one other person. When you meet other Flow members during your walk, keep an appropriate distance from each other and avoid group formation.

You can register until Friday April 30th, 23:59h, if you would like to pick up a free package with snacks for on the road. If you walk with someone else, just one of you has to register. You can also walk the route without ordering a package. In that case, you don’t have to register for the activity.


The registrations close on the 30th of April, 23:59h.

Side Note: Please make sure you click once on the submit button (otherwise it might happen that you receive multiple confirmation mails).

Furthermore, it might happen that your screen colors white after the submission. Don’t worry! Check your mailbox first, because it is very likely your registration succeeded!

The registrations are closed.