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Due to the new corona measures, this activity unfortunately is cancelled.

Do you want to enjoy multiple days at a festival with fellow Flow members? Have access to the whole festival and the pre-party on Friday night? And all this, while supporting Flow? Then join Flow during the festival Decibel Outdoor!

Decibel Outdoor is a 4-day festival, which takes place from Friday the 20th of August until Monday the 23rd of August at the Beekse Bergen. The festival is known for its impressive stages, 24/7 music, and the wildest line-up!

As a crew member, you will receive a crew bracelet, you have access to the whole festival and pre-party as mentioned! Furthermore, you will/can stay on the crew camping, where you get free lunch, dinner, and drinks as well on your working days. Normally a crew bracelet costs 199,95!

The only thing you have to do is help out the organization Collect-Clean with maintaining the environment of the festival during two shifts of 10 hours. This means that you have an additional two full days to spend on the festival and crew camping, without having to pay any entrance fee!

So do you want to support Flow, while enjoying multiple days on Decibel Outdoor together with fellow Flow members and friends? Register now, and don’t miss it! Just a tip from us, register together with a group of friends and experience this amazing weekend together!


The registrations are closed.