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On Wednesday the 1st of December, it’s time for the annual Charity Auction! The Promotion Committee will organize this auction for Stichting Leergeld Tilburg. Unfortunately, not all parents have enough financial resources to allow their children to participate with their peers. That’s why this charity is committed to ensuring that every child can buy school supplies, can practice a hobby like dancing or scouting and can celebrate their birthday.

The auction will be held in the Black Box Theatre, from 12:30h to 16:00h. The auction has a luxurious touch, and you will be welcomed by six lovely hostesses and one charming host. It’s possible to come and go at any time during the auction. Please keep in mind that the corona measures enforced by the university will also apply to this activity.

Some wonderful items and experiences will be offered by companies, committees, associations and members. You, your group of friends or committee have the opportunity to make a bid. The highest bidder goes home with the great item. Do you want to offer something on the auction yourself, with your committee or as an association? You can register for this until Sunday the 28th of November, 23:59h.

UPDATED: Because of the current corona measures, you’ll need a valid QR code in order to join this activity. This means that you’ll need a negative test or need to be vaccinated. Besides that, we’ll have to maintain a distance of 1,5 meters from one another.


Do you want to put an item up for bidding at the Charity Auction? Register here!

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