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Discover your path at the Workshop Day!

Are you a first-year student feeling uncertain about your future? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned student looking to expand your network and boost your career prospects? Then join us for a day of exploration and growth, tailored to your needs! The Workshop Day will take place on the 16th of November from 14:00 until 17:00 in Reitse Toren.


What to Expect:

  • Two rounds of 1-hour workshops:
    • Designed to help you gain clarity and direction in your academic and career journey.
    • Ideal for those who are still exploring their passions and those who want to refine their goals.
  • Networking Drink:
    • Connect with professionals from various industries.
    • Create valuable connections for your future.

Workshops Offered

Round 1 (14:00-15:00)

If you know you have what it takes to be successful in the world of IT, but are just not done learning, an IT traineeship from Working Talent is the way to go. In the IT traineeship, you bridge the gap between your studies and the job market. From day one, you’ll be working with innovative techniques and tools, so you can confidently start with one of our clients. With an IT traineeship, after laying the foundations, you have the opportunity to specialize in areas like Data/Software development or Business & IT.

Of course, in addition to acquiring many hard skills, you’ll also attend soft-skill workshops. Working Talent is now offering you the unique opportunity to attend one of their workshops in advance, which you would also receive if you start with them! The workshop is highly representative and the perfect opportunity for you to get to know this company. The workshop “How to get a job” will cover how to best prepare for an interview with a potential employer, including do’s and don’ts. Working Talent will also explain how to create the best CV and LinkedIn profile. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights!

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led non-profit organization, active in over 125 countries. Our mission is to empower youth through international volunteer and internship opportunities from 6 to 72 weeks. In our remarkable 75-year journey, we’ve proudly facilitated more than 5,000 cross-cultural exchanges, fostering the growth of courageous leaders across the globe.

As a strategic partner of the United Nations, we’re committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our programs not only contribute to global goals but also foster personal development in the young generation, preparing them to be global citizens and future leaders.

Do you also feel like so many things are going on in your life, leading to sometimes stressful situations? Then you have to attend this training! In this training you will learn :

– What types of stress there are
– Dive deeper into your stress symptoms
– How you can better manage stress
– Some final tips

Round 2 (15:15-16:15)

Amgen is a global player in the field of biotechnology. Their values, scientific research and innovation form the basis. From there, new ideas and discoveries are further developed into medicines for patients with serious diseases.

Are you ready to put your problem-solving skills to the test? Join us in this exciting 1-hour workshop where you will help solve a real-life engineering and production challenge faced by Amgen, a leading biotech company. The workshop will be given by Senior Manager of Digital Advancement. His team will advance the adoption and deployment of new digital technologies such as Robotics, Machine Learning and Data-Analytics to achieve strategic objectives.

During the workshop you will brainstorm, engage with customers, and ask the right questions to find viable solutions. Time is of the essence, so you need to think fast and make smart decisions. Patients are waiting, and you have the power to make a difference. Are you up for the challenge?

UniPartners Tilburg is an academic consultancy agency affiliated with Tilburg University. We’re part of an ambitious national network with a branch in every university city. Our twofold mission is to provide students with flexible practice-oriented consultancy side-jobs, while providing companies a chance to incorporate the latest academic knowledge into their businesses. We like to say we’re the bridge between student and organization!

At UniPartners, personal development and personal branding are some of our most important values. That’s why we’re offering all Flow members a workshop on personal branding. In this workshop you will learn how to brand yourself, the importance of networking, how to give an elevator pitch, how to develop yourself and how to prepare for your future career. After this workshop you will know what’s important for first impressions, how to organize your resume and how to define and present yourself!

Don’t miss this opportunity to shape your future and make meaningful connections. Whether you’re starting your academic journey or ready to take the next career step, our Workshop Day has something for everyone. Are you only interested in one of the workshops or only the networking drink, feel free to register for as many/little rounds as you want!

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