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Discover your path at the Workshop Day!

Are you a first-year student feeling uncertain about your future? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned student looking to expand your network and boost your career prospects? Then join us for a day of exploration and growth, tailored to your needs! The Workshop Day will take place on the 7th of March from 14:00 until 17:00 in Mindlabs.


What to Expect:

  • Two rounds of multiple 1-hour workshops:
    • Perfect to deepen your understanding of hard- or soft skills that are important for the companies giving the workshop.
    • Designed to help you gain clarity and direction in your academic and career journey.
  • Networking Drink:
    • Connect with professionals from various industries.
    • Create valuable connections for your future.

Workshops Offered:

Round 1 (14:00 - 15:00)

Working Talent

If you know you have what it takes to be successful in the world of IT, but are just not done learning, an IT traineeship from Working Talent is the way to go. In the IT traineeship, you bridge the gap between your studies and the job market. From day one, you’ll be working with innovative techniques and tools, so you can confidently start with one of our clients. With an IT traineeship, after laying the foundations, you have the opportunity to specialize in areas like Data/Software development or Business & IT.

Of course, in addition to acquiring many hard skills, you’ll also attend soft-skill workshops. Working Talent is now offering you the unique opportunity to attend one of their workshops in advance, which you would also receive if you start with them! The workshop is highly representative and the perfect opportunity for you to get to know this company. The workshop “The best LinkedIn tips for everyone” will cover all tips and tricks to make the best LinkedIn profile, with a focus on how to appeal best to a recruiter!


Boost your leadership game with our “Leadership Essentials Workshop” – a one-hour session packed with key skills and insights. Discover various leadership styles, master effective communication, and deep dive into decision-making strategies. This engaging workshop is designed for aspiring leaders eager to increase their impact rapidly.

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led non-profit organization, active in over 125 countries. Our mission is to empower youth through international volunteer and internship opportunities from 6 to 72 weeks. In our remarkable 75-year journey, we’ve proudly facilitated more than 5,000 cross-cultural exchanges, fostering the growth of courageous leaders across the globe.

As a strategic partner of the United Nations, we’re committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our programs not only contribute to global goals but also foster personal development in the young generation, preparing them to be global citizens and future leaders.

Round 2 (15:15 - 16:15)


Fingerspitz is an award-winning Dutch growth marketing agency that excels in smart online growth, offering expertise in strategy, digital marketing, content creation, and data & automation in various markets.

This workshop focuses on Fingerspitz’s data & automation activation, which covers a broad spectrum of activities: from data collection to storage, visualisation, analysis, and data activation.

We will immerse participants in our methodology, drawing from real client cases to illustrate our approach. Participants will be presented with results from data analysis and will be challenged to come up with hypotheses that translate these insights into results.

For instance, we might present a client case involving a cluster analysis of customer groups. Participants will be challenged to collaborate on formulating hypotheses and actions based on the insights provided. These actions can be suggestions for further analyses, optimizations for automated data activation or recommendations to the company in general.


BOOM from Breda has thirty years of experience as a strategy and communications agency. They support companies and institutions with their future-oriented issues, full of technological, ecological and social challenges. Their work sometimes includes developing a narrative strategy. During the “narrative strategy workshop” we will dive into the theory and get started writing a narrative ourselves!

Why choose a narrative strategy?

The development of business strategy and a vision for the future are crucial for every organization. A good plan only gets off the ground with a convincing substantiation. Employees work much more effectively and harder when they are motivated and inspired. And customers are more loyal when they feel connected to an organization or product. The story behind the strategy is therefore at least as important as the strategy itself. ‘Narrative strategy’ brings these two topics together.


Disclaimer: This workshop will be available in English, but unfortunately BOOM does not have any opportunities for international students within their company.

Don’t miss this opportunity to shape your future and make meaningful connections. Whether you’re starting your academic journey or ready to take the next career step, our Workshop Day has something for everyone. Or maybe you simply think one of the workshops sounds interesting? Just join! Are you only interested in one of the workshops or only the networking drink? Feel free to register for as many/few rounds as you want!

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