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The sale for the Flowchella festival tickets has begun! Let your festival spirit roam free and come along on the Association Weekend from Friday, April 28th, until Sunday, April 30th. Festival tickets will be sold for the price of only 60 euros! This price includes overnight stay on festival grounds, unlimited tokens for drinks and food, and all-inclusive passes for the entire festival. The location is 30 minutes of biking distance from Tilburg University. We will leave Tilburg University on the 28th of April around 14:00. Get your tickets quickly before we sell out because you don’t want to miss the first-ever edition of Flowchella!

What is Flowchella?
Flowchella is this year’s theme of Flow’s Association Weekend. The weekend will be filled with many activities and free time to hang around with friends. As a staff, the Weekend Committee will ensure you have the best festival experience possible. Like chilling in the sun while enjoying a cold beverage, all sorts of festival-themed activities, and special evening plans…

Flowchella is a festival made for Flow’ers by Flow’ers. So, sign up if you’re excited about a relaxed weekend with positive vibes only! The registrations are open until the 14th of April. Sign up quickly because there are limited places available.

Look out for the line-up reveal, giveaways, and more information about the festival on our Instagram account: @flowchella.festival.

AO Warning: At some activities during the Association Weekend, there will be loud music. You will also be divided into groups that will not be disclosed until the activity. The program also includes some secret activities. Visit the website of the Accessibility Officer for more information.

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